Ryan Kenny
The guys at RyanKenny (Ryan Glover, Kenny Burns and Derek Dudley) met while working in the music industry, breaking R&B stars like Monica and Dream. RyanKenny was a men's line started in 2004, which included button-down shirts paired with cufflinks by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. The collection, which was based in Atlanta and New York, featured denim, knits, outerwear, cashmere and wovens, all made in Italy. Jay-Z, Usher, Jamie Foxx and Ashton Kutcher were fans.
I'm really big on an oxymoronic thought process. It's simple. People are inspired by people.
- Ryan Glover
"Tuxedo jackets with denim -- anything that doesn't really all the way fit, but fits, is my thing." Next spring RyanKenny will launch their first men's fragrance, called White. The scent actually comes in a magnetized bottle that separates into two different colognes, a heavier scent for night and a lighter one for evening. "The bottle is the coolest shit in the world," Glover brags. Although the trio keeps their feet in the music business, RyanKenny is their main focus. "I get a lot of my design inspirations from music, but also from life itself, just walking down the street or listening to a record," Glover says.