The Dream is Real
Kenny Burns may not be a common household name, but over the past two decades, he has been a major influence on pop culture…behind the scenes that is. “The Dream is Real" is full of life lessons of how to transform a dream into reality, while persevering in the dim shadows known often as hard work and determination.
Whether speaking on his childhood dreams of being a basketball star in Washington, D.C., starting his first entrepreneur endeavor with childhood friends in Atlanta, connecting hip-hop legends like Jay Z and Ludacris for the first time, doing business with Sean “Puffy” Combs and Damon Dash, or meeting the love of his life, Burns reveals countless set backs that offer readers a keen and honest insight on what it truly means to never comprise one’s values when chasing the American Dream of success.
A page turning, laugh out loud, must read for anyone who needs an extra boost to get over the hurdles of self-doubt and reach the finish line of living a self-defined life.